The Proceedings of the first three Conferences on Topological Algebras
And Applications (ICTAA) have been published by the host Universities:
Mathematical  Studies 1, Tartu.  Estonian  Math. Society , Tartu 2001.
Publications of the Ecole Normale Superieure, Rabat (Morocco), 2004.
Acta Univiversitatis  Ouluensis.  Sci.  Rer. Natur.  A 408, 2004.
The Proceedings of the fourth ICTAA , in Oaxaca (mexico), have been
published by the American Mathematical Society in the 
Contemporary Mathematics, book series, 341, 2004.
The latter publisher also displayed a vivid interest in undertaking, in
principle, the appearance of the present Proceedings in the same Series.

                                       Instructions for papers style will be announced.





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