Abel, M.                  From Finitely Generated Projective Modules to the

                                     generalization of Serre-Swan-Mallios Theorem                                                    


     Abel, M.                 Topological algebras with pseudoconvex von Neumann bornology                     


     Abdelali, Z. El Abidine  Topologisation et multiplication dans certaines algèbres.                             


     Amin  El  Kaidi       Algébres de  Banach unitaires et semisimplicitè                                                


     Amyari, M.                 On stability of homomorphisms on Banach  algebras                                        


     Arhippainen, J.      On extensions of  Stone-Weierstrass Theorem                                                     


     Arizmendi, H.       On the topological invertible elements of a topological algebra                             

                                  On Qt, QM and QM#-algebras  (Joint work with L. Palacios and A. Carrillo)      


     Bagarello, F.           Derivations of quasi *-algebras and their physical applications                             


     Birbas, D.              The set of positive elements and the positive cone of a unital lmc*-algebra               


     Bhatt, S.                Topological Algebras and Differential Structures in C*-algebras                          


     Bonét, J.                 Canonical algebras of projections on Köthe function andsequence spaces           


     Calderón Martín, A.      On locally convex H*-triple systems

                                           (Joint work with M. Haralampidou)                                                         


     Chahboun M.           Calcul harmonique dans les algébres A-p-normťes m-p-complétes                      


     Choukri,  R.            Une notion de finitude  dans les algèbres topologiques.                                      


     Chryssakis, Th.        Existence of locally C*-subalgebras in involutive lmc algebras                          


     Fragoulopoulou, M.   C*-seminorms with good behaviour                                                               


     Gramsch, B.            Fréchet algebras with spectral invariance in the microlocal analysis                  


     Hadjigeorgiou, R.    On Šilovís Idempotent Theorem                                                                       


     Haralampidou, M.   On generalized Ambrose algebras                                                                     

                                     On locally convex H*-triple systems

                                     (Joint work with Calderón Martín, A.)                                                            


      Harti, R.                   The C*-algebra of bounded elements in a pro-C*-algebra                                 


     Helemskii, A.        Some questions of quantum functional analysis approached without matrices.      


     Illoussamen, H.    Opérateurs determinant la topologie d'une norme complète                                   


     Inoue, A.                 The completion of a C*-normed algebra in a locally convex

                                     algebraic topology                                                                                            


     Jarosz, K.                Noncommutative Uniform Algebras                                                                  


     Joita,  M.                 A radon-nikodym theorem for completely multi-positive linear maps                   

                                             and its applications                                                                                            


     El Kinani, A.           Harmonic functions of contractions in m-convex  algebras                                 


     Kissin, E.                Lipschitz functions on Hermitian Banach *-algebras                                           


     Lazraq Khlass, A.  Représentation des sur-corps de C à valeur absolue diiscrète                                


     Lassner, G.             Topological algebras and quantum cosmology                                                    


     Leinert, M.             Another proof of the Shirali and Ford theorem                                                   


     Lykova, Z.               On cyclic type homology of topological algebras                                                 


     Maestre, M.              Homomorphisms and composition operators on algebras of analytic functions     


     Manuilov, V.          Classification of C*-algebra extensions via
                                    asymptotic homomorphisms                                                                               


     Sal Moslehian, M.   Hyers - Ulam - Rassias stability of derivations                                                    


     Nacir, Ch.               Questions about Inductive limts of locally m-convex algebras (lmca).                      


     Najmi A.                Algèbres topologiques à caractères continus et

                                   algèbres topologiques presque commutatives                                                        


     Nassopoulos G.      Spectral decomposition and duality in

                                            commutative locally C*-algebras                                                                         


      Nejjari, M.A.         Some characterizations due to cones in m-convex algebras                                   


     Ogi, H.                    Spectrality of locally convex *-algebras                                                              


     Oubbi, L.                Locally A-convex algebras revisited                                                                    


     Oudadess, M.          On different versions of Vidav-Palmer theorem                                                   


      Oukhouya, A.            On local topological algebras                                                                             


     Palacios, L.            On Qt, QM and QM#-algebras (Joint work with H. Arizmendi  and A. Carrillo)  


     Panova, O.             Real Gel'fand-Mazur algebras                                                                            


     Pirkovskii, A.         Strictly flat cyclic Fréchet modules and approximate identities                             


     Podara, Ch.           Construction of strictly flat Fréchet modules in terms of bounded

                                    approximate identities                                                                                        

        Rahbarnia, F.          Hyers-Ulam--Rassias Stability of Derivations                                                      

     Selivanov, Y. V.      Homologically trivial topological algebras                                                           


      Sevilla, P.              Invertibility in tensor products of Q-algebras                                                        


     Sioen, M.                Getting numbers into and back from locally convex topology                               


     Soltysiak, A.           Formulas for the joint spectral radius in locally convex algebras                          


     Szafraniec, F.H.     Reviving a theorem of Erret Bishop                                                                     


     Takakura, M.          Conditional expectations for unbounded operator algebras                                      


     Tonev, T.                Preserving parts of the spectra mappings between uniform algebras                     


     Toneva, E.                Preserving parts of the spectra mappings between uniform algebras                   


     Trapani,  C.            Some results on the structure of Banach quasi *-algebras                                    


     Valov, V.                C*-Algebras with approximate n-th root property                                                


      Verwulgen, S.         Rieszís representation theorem revisited                                                               


     Żelazko, W.            Operator algebras on locally convex spaces                                                          











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